Inspiring Cooks of all Abilities:

Equality through food.

People with disabilities have been left out of the cooking world. Cookbooks and cooking shows don't address what we need to be successful in the kitchen.

The Fingerless Kitchen is working to be the first food show to bring a voice to cooks of every ability.  

 A New Voice

I'll show you how I cook and bring in people with different abilities to the show. 

Working on creative problem solving through tips, tools, and adaptions. So you can accomplish anything in the kitchen. 

Tips, Tools & Adaptations

Embracing your disability as something that makes you special! Show the world whom you are by using your skills and passions to build a joy life full of meaningful connections and purpose.

No more trying to fit into world not made for us. Time to create a world where we belong.


Courage & Confidence

Your limitations are opportunities to do something different and amazing!

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"If you think you're all thumbs in the Kitchen, I'm here to prove you never needed them!"
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