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 My name is BRYONY GREALISH I am the owner and founder of The Fingerless Kitchen. I am so thrilled that you are here! I was born with a rare genetic condition called Ectrodactyly Ectodermal Dysplasia. Lots of big words to say that I only have one finger on each hand and one toe on each foot. I live the Fingerless Kitchen every day and it's part of who I am.

The Fingerless Kitchen came from an idea that a good friend and I came up with years ago. I should create a cookbook to teach people with disabilities how to cook.  It seemed natural to take cooking which has always been a passion for me since I was eight years old and combined with my background in social work and my own experience being disabled then mash it together. Then I chickened out and put the idea to the side for years feeling that I did not have what it takes to make this happen and that it was just not possible.

 I had to learn to stop letting my fears prevent me from living and just go after what I want. So let's just say once I did that I had my enormous epiphany moment. Now is time to make my dream bigger than I had ever imagined and help people with disabilities like no one has before and turn the cookbook idea it into a television show!

So here I am at the humble beginning of something truly wonderful. 

My purpose is to help guide and inspire people with disabilities to cook for themselves and help them find independence by becoming entrepreneurs. Showing them that they can create a life and job that suits their way of living not struggling to fit into a job that does not support their needs.

Through the magic of TV, I will bring you into my world and show what I do in the kitchen to make great food, How I get it done by mixing in some creative problem solving and a lot of laughs. I'll take you on this journey with me and introduce to you people with different disabilities/abilities and how they are making it happen in the kitchen and out in their communities.

I am about igniting Love, Acceptance, Peace, and Connectivity to the world. One show at a time is how I will make it happen! Come and join me on this epic adventure and I hope you'll be inspired to try something new in the kitchen. Or maybe I'll spark something within you to become involved with the people in your community and help make it become a more inclusive place to live.

Remember If you think your all thumbs in the kitchen. I'm here to prove you never needed them! No excuses. Get out there and get cooking.


Wishing You Joy, from the Fingerless Kitchen ~

Bryony Grealish

Syracuse, NY








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The Fingerless Kitchen

is the first cooking show ever to teach and inspire people with disabilities people. 

I'm blazing a new trail in the world of cooking and opening doors to a new way of thinking about what people can do in the kitchen! 

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