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No Thumbs Chef Challenge: The Chef and The Sea

Garlic Chopping

The latest episode of the No Thumbs Chef Challenge!!!
I met with Chef and Co-owner DeAnna Germano of The Chef & The Sea and The Chef & The Cook.
DeAnna was fantastic! I love heading out to work with these great Chefs. They are rocking it and do wonderful work in the community. Check it out and please like, follow, share and leave a comment everyone.

No Thumbs Chef Challenge: Mothers Cupboard

Time to crack soem eggs!

I met with Pete Greene owner and chef at Mothers Cupboard a diner located in Syracuse, NY. I challenged Pete to go no thumbs with me in his kitchen. This time to crack eggs. A simple task for most people. Especially for someone who has cracked over a million eggs in his career. How do you think he'll do when he gets taped up and do it only with his pinkies. watch and find out!

No Thumbs Chef Challenge: Sky Armory

Owner Nicole Samolis, With Chefs; Jae Longo, Christina Braun and Asa Bogart

In April I challenged the owner and the team at Sky Armory Events Venue in Downtown Syracuse, NY to my No Thumbs Chef Challenge! What a fantastic group of people. I've been a to a number of events there and always been impressed. I knew I had to see if they were up for the challenge to get out of their comfort zone and do something different in the kitchen. I think they did awesomely. Thank you all.

No Thumbs Chef Challenge: The Half Moon Bakery and Bistro

Owner Debbe Titus

I am so thankful to the wonderful Debbe Titus!  She accepted the No Thumbs Chef Challenge or should I say, Baker Challenge. I taped up Debbe's hands and we got to work decorating a cupcake for Valentines Day. Her simple task was to pipe and decorate cupcakes. Come check out how she did!. 


We had a lot of camera crew come in for a double video shoot this day and she was warm welcoming of all the excitement!

No Thumbs Chef Challenge: The Chef and The Cook Restaurant

Chef/Owners Mark Germano & Jason Jessmore

I had so much fun getting doing this next No thumbs Chef Challenge.

I got in the kitchen and challenged two great chefs to cook like me. I taped them up their hands and we went to work on some crostini appetizers for the holidays. They did an awesome job trying to figure out how to grate and slice cheese. Simple task right? 


Come and give this wonderful restaurant a try! Check out the menu and find its location on their website.

No Thumbs Chef Challenges: Your Table is Ready

Chef Billy-Brenden Ginty

I had a blast working with Billy-Brenden Ginty  Chef and owner of Your Table is Ready a five-star personal dining experience here in Syracuse, NY. 


Chef Ginty was my first chef to go head to head with me in the  All or No Thumbs Chef Challenges. 

My No Thumbs series of chef challenges is where chefs need to cook like me with no thumbs! I tape up their hands so they only have their pinkies to work with as we do cooking recipes.  Come to see what it's all about. 


Get the cooking recipe for Tzatziki on my Blog page.

Find out more about Chef Ginty and Your Table is Ready




Fingerless Cheese Grating

Show test run for Food show

This is my first video and is an unedited test run for my show. I let you into my world and have you get a taste of how I get things done in the kitchen with a little bit of creative problem-solving and a few laughs. If you want to know more about my condition. Check out the Ectrodactyly foundation website.​

Rotary Club Talk

The Red Mill Inn Baldwinsville, NY

I had the pleasure to talk at the Baldwinsville Rotary club about becoming an entrepreneur, how I got started and my next steps with my business. There were some wonderful people doing great work with their community.

To find out more about Rotary International or find one in your area check out this link.



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