Changing perceptions through experience! 

Will You Rise to the Challenge?

I believe that when we take the time to leave our comfort zones and step into a way of being that is very different from our own, it opens our perceptions to the experience of others' lives, thus deepening our understanding. That's where true and lasting learning begins. Bryony Grealish

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About Bryony

Real Experience matters!

A lifetime of learning and experience makes a difference when it comes to understanding disability and being able to teach it to others. 

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"The No Thumbs Workshop has granted the invaluable opportunity to gain insight through esperience. It is a testament to the adaptability we all have within us and that we should never let something hold us back from doing what we love." 
Connor Copeland: Lemoyne College Occupational Therapy Prgogram Graduate Student

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A unique and impactful way to learn!  

Limitations are Opportunities:

Challenging Disability Beliefs Through the No Thumbs Experience

This fully immersive No thumbs Challenge is a one-of-a-kind training that uses the power of experiential learning to propel participants into what it's like to have a severe limb difference by mimicking my disability called Ectrodactyl. 


 Each person will engage in a series of roles designed to understand disability and another's life experience, creating a foundation for purposeful change in perspective, empathy, acceptance, and support.


  • Transformational Power of Adaptation

  • Resiliency

  • Discovering their Limitations become an Opportunity. 

  • Understanding of micro-inequities facing people with disabilities

  • Experiences of providing and receiving support

  • Teamwork

  • Vulnerability and Patients

  • Disability and the human experience

  • And so much more



  • Keynote Address

  • Small group breakout sessions

  • Panel discussions

  • Re-Imagine Disability: Training for businesses, companies, non-profits, and educational institutions to help them build inclusive work environments through sensory experience & educational workshops.

  • Virtual events

  • Schools: Understanding through the disability experience and how to be an Abled Ally. 

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You've never experienced anything like this!  

 Beyond your typical disability training!

I dive deeper and use my experience with disability from my personal life and professional career in Social Work to craft an experience that truly speaks to all of us and who we are as people and the much-needed equity for people with disabilities.

The Fingerless Kitchen is more than my work; it is how I live my life every day. I find inspiration, experience success, and failure, and overcome my struggles to share joy, representation, and uplift my community by creating  Abled Allies and giving hope to those who need it. 

 Following my purpose, I have created a keynote speech and workshop that is uniquely The Fingerless Kitchen. 



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No Thumbs Challenge

Limitation are opportunities

Full two hour workshop

Mini Workshop

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Available for

Virtual events, panel discussions

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WISE Women's Business Center  WISE Symposium

AAUW American Association of University Women of New York 

Rotary International

Lemoyne College Masters  of Occupational Therapy Program

GLITCH: Empowering Transition Through Technology Conference

Girl Scouts of NYPENN Pathways

Madison-Oneida BOCES