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Hi, I'm Bryony Grealish

"If you think you're all thumbs in the kitchen, I'm here to prove you never needed them!"

I am a lover of all things food. Creating with my hands brings me endless pleasure.

 My passion is inspiring my community of people with disabilities to come out of the shadows and create a thriving life filled with acceptance, courage, joy, connectivity.

In the world of food, there has been a long-standing gap. One that most people don't even realize. But for me, it is my everyday reality and the need has been burning in my thoughts for many years.

Here's what I know!

  • People with disabilities span every demographic across the globe.

  • Either you or someone you know will become disabled from accident, illness or old age in your lifetime.

  • No consistent representation of people with disabilities in the cooking industry. Cookbooks, tv shows, magazines are set up only for the average person.  

  • There is no available instruction for teaching adaptations in the kitchen.

  • Limited access to adaptive equipment and is often very expensive.

  • There is no format to discuss how to support a person with disabilities when cooking.

  • Our world still places a negative stigma around the capabilities of individuals with disabilities.

  • Our experiences have the power to change our perspectives.

My Dream

The Fingerless Kitchen

  • Change perspectives on what you thought was impossible to possible.

  • Inspire people of all abilities to learn how to cook.

  • Bring representation of disabilities to the world of food.

  • Build a safe, equal, and positive community of people.

  • Become the first inclusive cooking show highlighting people with disabilities and adaptations.

  • Let people know that they can live a life filled with passion, joy, and purpose even with a disability.

  • Complete my cookbook that is created for all abilities. 

  • Raise awareness for programs doing great work for those with disabilities.

  • Teach businesses and companies about different abilities and help them create supported work environments through sensory experience workshops and speaking events.

What I believe!

  • Food connects us all and nurtures our community.

  • Access to healthy food is a basic human right.

  • We should never be ashamed of being different.

  • Our limitations are opportunities to do something different and amazing.

  • Those with disabilities should not be hidden away from the world. 

  • To truly be accepted as a valuable part of society we must be visible in all areas of life and be part of our communities. 

  • Through positive shared experiences we can find common ground and hold each other up to build a better world for us all. 

  • People with disabilities are incredible creative problem solvers.

  • We all need positive validation of the incredibly courageous people that we are.

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