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I was so excited to have been invited by Amy Robbins Radio Host from 93Q Syracuse to come in and talk about my No Thumbs Chef Challenge. It was a wonderful interview with Amy. As always she's fantastic at what she does. Helping spread the message of inspiration and awareness. Listen to the full interview here.

May 2019 feature for CNY IN Good Health News.

Check out the full interveiw by Marybeth Roach.



april 2019 mag cover pic (1).jpg

These are some outstanding female entreprenuers on the April 2019 cover of the Syracuse Woman Magazine.

Playing our Bigger Game and making life happen. I'm thrilled to share the cover with friends.




PathFinder Bank is helping support the community. Thank you for recognizing the work I am doing and sharing my mission. Here's the story that PathFinder Bank did about The Fingerless Kitchen! 




Having fun on the Syracuse, NY morning talk show

Bridge Street   News Channel 9

on 3-8-2019 with Hosts
TeNesha Murphy & 

Sistina Giordano 




Having fun on the Syracuse, NY morning talk show

Bridge Street   News Channel 9

on 3-8-2019 with Hosts
TeNesha Murphy & 

Sistina Giordano 




My interview on the radio show Welcome To Your Fuller Life with host the amazing LeaAnn Fuller Empowerment Coach, Author, and Speaker.

Part of the WiN - World Influencers Network 



This is a very proud moment for me to have been asked to be the cover story for the December 2018 issue of the

Syracuse Woman Magazine.  After two years of hard work, persistence and an unending belief in my self and my mission that I have been noticed as an important contributor to my community. This is just the start of a great many things to come for The Fingerless Kitchen and my community of people with disabilities that I am working to provide a new voice, the inspiration and an equality in the television food culture.


In the November 2018 issue of the Syracuse Women Magazine, I had the honor of being the WISE Women's Business Centers Featured Entrepreneur. After two years of creating my business and working with WISE to make my dreams happen. I have hit one of my milestones. I am now among the many incredible female entrepreneurs

recognized by the WISE center.  Thank you so much to all of my wonderful supports at the WISE center. 


I had the great pleasure being interviewed by CBS News 5 Syracuse, NY and's, Kelly Curtin. She came to talk with me about my disability, business, working to be an inspiration to others and how I am raising money through GoFundMe for my opening my business.


We had a fun interview together and I hope that my story will continue to reach people and help them take a chance and make their life happen no matter what their situation.

I had the wonderful opportunity to be interviewed by Amy Robins a Radio host on one of Syracuse, New Yorks most popular radio stations 93Q and with Joanne Lenweaver the Director of the WISE Women's Business Center back in December of 2016. What a fantastic time I had with these two fabulous ladies.  In this interview, I talk about my business, how I got my idea, and overcoming my disability to find success. Click the play button to check it out.

I had the great pleasure of being asked to be a featured chef for the Syracuse Woman Magazine Rock Like a Girl charity event in Syracuse, New York to benefit Hope Chest for Charity Inc.


It was a spectacular evening and some truly amazing women who rocked the house! Showing just what amazing talent Syracuse, New York has to offer. Check out the story of the events line up and maybe even spot me hanging out in a few pictures.


The stuffed dates were made using local blue cheese and local honey. All pictures used were done by

Alexis Emm Photograffi.



This only the start for the Fingerless Kitchen and while working to make it grow, I feel grateful to everyone who shares the news.

I'm so glad that the wonderful folks at Syracuse Woman Magazine gave my story space in their July 2016 issue!



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