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Promise of Purpose

Hey, we're three weeks into January. AGH!

Tick, tick, tick, the hands of time indeed press forward, reminding us of how fleeting these passing days are. So in the spirit of saving time, I have a short blog post for you today. Two minutes that I hope will leave you thinking.

To start with, I have a question for you. Have you ditched your resolution or even made one yet?

If so, you are like most people. So, how can we change it? Here's what I've been thinking.

The new year offers us a chance to start again like a reset button of sorts. Every year we resolve to change, eat healthier, exercise, get organized, you get the idea. We dive in headfirst with bright ideas for doing better, telling ourselves this time will be different and then fizzle out a few short weeks later. We're unable to sustain our momentum and enthusiasm, concluding the attempt with little to show for it, ushering us back to our old comfort zones and routines. We seem almost doomed from the start. I am certainly guilty of getting stuck in this cycle, as many of us are. It begins to feel like the very definition of resolution has lost meaning.

What if we change our approach to our resolutions by not making one at all? What if we actually did better? I'm not saying skip it all and go about your daily business. Instead, gift yourself a promise of purpose instead of making a new years resolution. I like the sound of that, don't you?

So, modifying our perception by creating purpose in our life can give everything more significance. It has the remarkable ability to help keep us focused and stick with our journey long term, and there is no greater purpose than one that centers around caring for others.

Doing good for others offers us a feeling of pride and accomplishment. It feels great when we are helpful. We are nourishing our souls while providing those in need with vital support. We are offering them grace in their vulnerability, recognizing that their life has value, and they will not be alone in their time of need.

At some point in all our lives, we too will struggle. None of us are immune to the pains that happen in life—dealing with our health and mental health, a family member's illness or death, abuse, neglect, discrimination, inequality, ageism, sexism, disability. This list can go on and on. The compassion of a kindred spirit will be our salvation out of the darkness, yet, this essential element of connectedness is often absent in daily life. No wonder why we struggle to find our footing. What do we need to change to make a difference?

The first step is to do the hard work of taking a clear look inward. Take time to observe ourselves honestly, recognizing our shadow selves. Call what we see by name and own up to our mistakes instead of hiding from them. Be aware and truly accept where our strengths and weaknesses lay because we first need to be humble.

Now with our hat in hand, we can begin to see the world through a lens of compassion—opening your mind to be aware of others' struggles and see yourself in them. Here, we have the opportunity to positively impact the lives of others and develop our minds towards lasting change. Thus, healing yourself through your kindness towards others.

These efforts need not be of heroic proportions. Sometimes we need to take baby steps. Our good deeds are cumulative. No act of goodwill is ever too small to make a difference. So don't discount the little stuff. Let each good deed ignite another.

Maybe what we needed all along was to connect with our purpose in life and become united with each other—then take this almost magical feeling of oneness and let it guide our way to becoming whole and happy.

So the real question is, when will you make your promise of purpose?

Much love to you all in this new year.

Bryony Grealish

The Fingerless Kitchen


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