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Out of Necessity Comes Invention

or Me, My Bra and the Cheese Grater :

When you have a disability and the world around you was made for people not like yourself, every day is a real challenge. A lot people go through life not even knowing that they have it pretty easy.

So what is a person with a disability to do when they are faced with a challenge? Option one, you can either give up and try to forget about it. Option two, get someone to do it for you. I have to admit that I go with option two when it comes to chopping onions; I always pass the job along to my husband. I am just a mess when I cut into those little devils. Tears just come streaming down my face, my nose starts to run so much that you would think when you see my face that I just finished watching a Nicholas Sparks or Lifetime movie all alone on the couch with a blanket, tissues and a pint of ice cream. Am I exaggerating? Maybe just a wee, tiny, bit. But I am fine asking for help in this case. I enjoy getting the help in the kitchen, which also give me a few precious moments with my husband when the kids are in the other room. Bonus!

But I am also a big time user of option three: Use that brain along with a stubborn and tenacious personality and not let it defeat you. That’s when I get down to business and get creative.

When option three is my choice when I’m working in the kitchen I may find it’s time to engage my own unique kitchen tool -- my bra! I may not use it every time but, it is important to have around just in case. For me, my bra is a go to tool for getting things done! Yes, my bra is truly a necessity. No, I don’t use the cups as measuring tools, but I do use the underwire! This is key, or it does not do what I need it to do, which is to help me hold things in place. Without that underwire, I end up with bruises on my chest, something I really hate!

My bra is my favorite cheese-grating tool! I get out the good old box grater, put it in a bowl, and find something to prop the whole thing onto. It needs to hold steady, or it will slip and cheese will fly all over the kitchen. Once I get the grater in the right spot, I lean forward and position the handle right up into the center of the bra, with it catching on the underwire. I put my weight of my chest down on the grater to help stabilize it, and I am ready to go. I can grate a block of cheddar in no time. Holding the cheese with both hands, I grate it with swift up and down motions.

Some people might suggest that I use a food processor to grate my cheese. This might be easier, but I’m sure it’s not nearly as fun as doing it my way. Not to mention that some cheeses just get mashed when using the processor, and, frankly, I am not a fan of cleaning all of those parts. It seems like more of a hassle to me than just grabbing the grater and going for it.

My bra is a also a great multi-purpose tool in and out of the kitchen as well. I use my bra to help me use the garlic press, open jars, soda bottles, close sippy cups even and using a pair of pliers for when I am making jewelry. I cannot do it without my bra. Just about anything that I need to have a good grip on I can prop on my chest, use that underwire and bam, it's like a third hand.

When you truly Live, Eat and Love well every day, wonderful things can happen.

Wishing You Joy, from the Fingerless Kitchen ~

Bryony Grealish

Syracuse, NY


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